DreemBio is a Colombian startup established in 2019 that is at the forefront of adjuvant cancer therapies that include dietary supplements, cosmetics, and plant-based phytotherapeutics. Our products are part of an emerging and innovative market segment in the world, with a component of sustainability and social responsibility. DreemBio is built on top of three strong pillars:

a)  Colombia’s endemic plant diversity is second to none.

b)  A business-savvy management team with strong international experience, and

c)  A world-class scientific team with deep experience in studying the molecular basis of cancer and in the development of plant-based antitumor therapies, where the study of the biological activity of extracts or compounds obtained from the plants is contemplated, as well as the characterization of their chemical components

Our Mission

Develop standardized natural extracts for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and nutraceutical formulations, which are scientifically validated at a chemical, biological, preclinical, and clinical level, complying with the highest international quality standards.

Our Vision

Dreembio S.A.S. projects itself in 5 years as a pioneer company in Colombia in the development of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and nutraceutical formulations from natural extracts with added value which are scientifically supported.




Bogotá, Colombia

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