Skin and inflammation: The skin is the largest organ of the body. It acts as an effective barrier against the damaging effects of the environment and radiation that lead to oxidative stress. These reactive oxygen species (ROS) can alter cellular lipids, proteins, and genetic material, damaging the skin and inducing disease. ROS induce local inflammation that leads to tissue destruction and increases tissue damage.

Research: We have developed an extract obtained from the dividivi that has been shown to protect membrane lipids by 90% when exposed to ultraviolet radiation or environmental pollutants, favoring tissue recovery. It also reduces the normal damage that these lipids suffer under normal conditions, improving the firmness of the skin. It favors the production of b-defensins in the skin, which confers antimicrobial activity.

Our commitment: Create dermocosmetic solutions based on natural products to improve the quality of the skin, allowing it to recover from inflammatory processes generated by pollution, radiation, radiotherapy, or infectious processes.


Bogotá, Colombia

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