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  • Sustainable development goals Sustainability

Associated with the products developed by DreemBio includes the following elements:

a) Dividivi and Anamú producers

b) Colombian Universities – research on endemic plants and their potential uses

c) National medical system – hospitals and cancer patients

d) Colombian service companies (extract extraction, phytomedicine formulas, etc.)

e) National and international distributors of pharmaceutical products

One of DreemBio’s main objectives is to support efforts for the sustainability of Colombian biodiversity, and to promote actions with a regional and national social impact. In order to do this, it will dedicate time and efforts in the development of natural products based on the strengthening of the value chain, providing support throughout the process starting with the raw materials supplier up to the final consumer, and contributing to the construction of public policies that allow the development of a bioeconomy based on the use and conservation of Biodiversity, allocating funds and actions for the following activities:

  • Educate, support, and stimulate small/medium dividivi and anamú harvesting farmers under the scheme of good agricultural practices within a sustainable scheme. This may stimulate job creation in marginal sectors, further developing new job opportunities in the regions.
  • Support academic efforts for the study of plants with potential medicinal use.
  • Advance the generation of high commercial value by combining science with the richness of local species.
  • Generation of high-value jobs for graduate students.
  • Participate in activities that aim to educate patients within a comprehensive pharmacotherapeutic follow-up program. Through this program they will understand the treatments, identify symptoms in advance, and improve their adherence to treatment, all of which will impact their quality of life.

Ministry of Environment Resolution

DREEMBIO SAS, as the applicant for the contract for access to genetic resources, informs the interested parties that it has received order 161 of August 20, 2020 from the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, within the framework of article 6, in accordance with the provisions of articles 76 and 77 of Law 1437 of 2011:

By which a request for a Contract for Access to Genetic Resources and its derivative products for commercial purposes is admitted, presented by DREEMBIO SAS To host the activities of access to the resource and its derived products in the development of research entitled: «Research, development, production, and marketing of biological products obtained from algae and plants»

Researchers: Susana Fiorentino Gómez

File: RGE0351.

Publication date: 10-27-2020


Bogotá, Colombia

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